MOSAIC Project

“The highest result of education is tolerance” – Hellen Keller.

An e-learning platform (Open educational recourse) will be created. Partner ensuring accessibility of programme specifically around common language and understanding of technical terms and translation into programme partner languages, so that this platform could be reusable by other participant organizations and other relevant to project topic institutions. On the web portal of the project will be created an e-learning area, Samaritan will be in charge of creating the e-learning platform by adapting the contents to the platform aims.

The learning modules will be inserting in the e-learning platform with a guide on how to insert the activities related to the project.

All youngsters, form partner countries, during short staff training C1, will learn how to use the platform and various aspect of the topic of the project. Then will experiment the platform and learning modules in their work/daily activities.

IO3/A1 Design and coding. Within this activity all the features, requires will be listed. Also the best tools for development will be chosen. The necessary software will be developing. While the design is being created, functionality of the OER will be deployed.

IO3/A2 Testing and modifications. Youngsters will test the OER, and according to their input certain changes will be done.

IO3/A3 Launching. A free to use and OER will be launched.