MOSAIC Project

“The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you” – B. B. King.

First of all we identified Key Issues and Trends in the Specific Content Area. The first step for our new and innovative curriculum was development process which involved research that reviews recent issues and trends for first aids and PwD’s. This research will allow curriculum experts to identify key issues and trends that will support the needs assessment that should be conducted and the philosophy that should be developed.

As a result of this process, experts will identify many of the following issues and trends that will need to be addressed as the curriculum development process moves forward:

  • meeting the needs of all youths who are already trained for first aid;
  • learning theory and other cognitive psychology findings on how this target group learn;
  • what determines developmental readiness or developmental appropriateness;
  • the current expectations of the field;
  • the knowledge of and readiness for change;
  • the availability of resources;
  • the role and availability of information and technology resources;
  • scheduling issues;
  • methods and purposes of assessments; professional development.

Output 2 will result in the creation of an innovative, different and new approach in work in the area of first aid and PwD’s. Youngsters who are already trained in the area of first aid form all participating organizations will participate in a transnational learning and training activities (C1) and will acquire skills for development a new methodology and new approaches in work with PwD’s. This output also implies the implementation of the new curricula for youth training.

Its innovative value lies in the new approaches in work with PwD’s. The tangible outcome of this output is new curricula for youth training which will contribute to a higher level of social inclusion in different types of activities.

Created curricula for youth training will have a large impact on general behavior at PwD’s, they will feel more secure in the case of disaster.

All institutions who work in the field of first aid, also youngsters in general will have the opportunity to use this innovative product.

IO2/A1 Exploring the possibilities of the participating organizations for application of new curricula for first aid for PwD’s and developing online training courses according to the content of the new created curricula.

IO2/A2 Implementation of the new curricula and online training courses for youngsters who are already trained for first aid.

IO2/A3 Testing the usefulness of the new curriculum and online training courses.

See the presentation: Main presentation of MOSAIC Project.pdf