MOSAIC Project

“The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you” – B. B. King.

Project: “MOSAIC – Equal possibilities for all”

Erasmus + KA2

MOSAIC – equal possibilities for all is a project focusing on the improvement of the first aid for people with disabilities education in project partners countries.

With the creation of a curriculum and online courses for giving first aid for persons with disabilities, we  have implemented institutionally based strategies for inclusion and equal opportunities for all, including disadvantaged groups.

Project implementation includes the design of:

  1. Policy paper best practices for first aid for PwD’s;
  2. Development of curriculum and online TC for first aid for PwD’s;
  3. Creation and implementation of Open Educational Resource.

Project partners:

  •  Community Development Institute (CDI) – Macedonia
  •  The PHI Healthcare Center Tetovo – Macedonia
  •  SAMARITAN International (SAM.I.) – Germany